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Balloon Dilatation

Somehow, throughout this crazy journey, we have avoided a harsh Minnesota winter. That changed this year! As you can see, Addie Kate is a little skeptical of the snow but tolerated Mama's mini photoshoot nonetheless. Co has been struggling with his symptoms since his septic episodes this past summer and we are back in Rochester with a new game plan.  His liver team and the procedural radiologists decided to go in through his side, into the liver, and balloon dilate some of the narrow ducts/strictures that are the culprits of the chronic cholangitis. They are hopeful this will give him roughly 3-6 months of relief, possibly longer! It was mentioned that his PSC has worsened and that a transplant will likely be inevitable at some point in his future.   For now, we will take the wins and cherish the memories we made with Addie on her first plane ride and adventure to the Midwest!