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Mayo Clinic

     Mayo Clinic, Indiana University, and Cleveland Clinic were all interested in evaluating Cody for their transplant lists. Mayo was the first place we sought out. Late April, Co and I spent a week in Rochester, Minnesota going through the redundant motions of doctor’s visits and waiting room boredom. After just receiving the news from Houston Methodist that he was successfully listed, we were fairly confident that Mayo would place Cody on their list, however, we were not at all prepared for what they had to say.            Our last appointment of the week was with the hepatologist (liver specialist). This man has a list of credentials a mile long and bluntly told us that we had seen a lot of doctors and inquired as to why we saved the best for last. It was physically painful to suppress the eye roll that was trying to escape from my face. I couldn't help but think, "Look here, buddy, we’ve been told time and time again that we have already seen the best, b

Life Update April '19 - June '19

Hey, friends! This update is long overdue, and I do apologize for taking a while to get this up. It's been a crazy few months at the Childress household. Since you've seen us last, we've been to the Mayo Clinic in Minnesota, hiked the gorgeous mountains of Colorado, and floated the Frio River for Co's 30th birthday! We've somewhat adjusted to this new "normal" and have just been trying to enjoy each day that we are given by spending time going on adventures and soaking up moments with our loved ones. Co has been continuing with his chemo treatments as scheduled and is tolerating them as well as can be expected. April: From the beginning of our transplant journey, we were determined to have Cody listed at as many transplant centers that would take him and his condition. In early April, we were successfully listed at Houston Methodist! It was such a bright light for us during such a dim time and the first deep breath I was able to take in seven months.