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Chron's, UC, & PSC... Oh My!

Co began battling his cholangitis symptoms this summer, so back to Mayo we go to find a solution! We are exhausted after a long week of tests and appointments, but we finally have some answers and a plan. Turns out, our Coco was a bit sicker than we initially thought. BUT, after extensive testing and input from his Surgery team, Liver Team, & our new pals on the GI Team, they are c o n f i d e n t that there is NO cancer reoccurrence at this time!! What we do know: -Severe infection that’s nestled in his GI tract. Plan: 4 weeks of heavy antibiotics. He started this course last night and is already seeing signs of improvement. -After 15 years of being diagnosed with Chron’s Disease, he was officially diagnosed with Ulcerative Colitis this week. This current flare was described as “moderate” in severity with significant inflammation in the colon. Plan: start Entyvio infusions to suppress his immune system and decrease the UC symptoms once he clears the gut infection. -Officially diag


  Today is a good day. An amazing day, in fact. Today marks exactly two years since Cody’s liver resection that excised his tumor. We were told that once he hit the two-year milestone, he would not only be considered in remission (that word is so scary to even type!), that if one day the cancer came back he would be eligible for future surgeries/transplants. Here we are, exactly two years later. Words will never describe the absolute gratitude and love we have for Dr. Rory Smoot, Dr. Greg Gores, and the countless, but significant members on these teams at Mayo Clinic. They gave us a second chance at this beautiful life and we are thankful for that every, single day. My sweet Co, what a journey it’s been. There are endless words to describe how much I admire the strength, perseverance, and pure grit you’ve shown over this journey. Cheers to you and cheers to many, many more years tumor free. I love you more than all the stars! July 2021           July-September 2019