Life Update April '19 - June '19

Hey, friends! This update is long overdue, and I do apologize for taking a while to get this up. It's been a crazy few months at the Childress household. Since you've seen us last, we've been to the Mayo Clinic in Minnesota, hiked the gorgeous mountains of Colorado, and floated the Frio River for Co's 30th birthday! We've somewhat adjusted to this new "normal" and have just been trying to enjoy each day that we are given by spending time going on adventures and soaking up moments with our loved ones. Co has been continuing with his chemo treatments as scheduled and is tolerating them as well as can be expected.

April: From the beginning of our transplant journey, we were determined to have Cody listed at as many transplant centers that would take him and his condition. In early April, we were successfully listed at Houston Methodist! It was such a bright light for us during such a dim time and the first deep breath I was able to take in seven months. Finally, a solution and a plan to get us out of this nightmare. Louisiana sent their condolences, but could not help us. Ohio, Indiana, and Minnesota reached out and invited us to travel north for their transplant evaluation processes and to explore options with them. End of April, we flew to the Mayo Clinic in Rochester, Minnesota for a week of scans, labs, and consultations. More on this in a later post.

May: I am happy to announce that I completed my BSN through Texas A&M  this semester! Graduating has relieved so many challenging aspects that took my mind and time away from home life/work life/cancer life/wife life. It has truly been a blessing to achieve my goal and have extra time in the evenings to spend how I please with my little family. If anyone ever tries to tell you that something can't be done, or that "you have too much going on right now, you should put this on hold", you tell them to hush and make it happen. The time will pass regardless, and that feeling of accomplishment is well worth the sleepless nights. May also included an eventful vacation to a new place we had never been. This past Christmas was slightly grim and clouded with uneasy thoughts about future holiday seasons to come. I really struggled with what to get Cody for Christmas. He's already difficult to buy gifts for and everything that came to mind seemed so materialistic and silly. So, I decided to book us a trip to the mountains. It was simply incredible. We spent the better part of the week hiking the beautiful Maroon Bells outside of Aspen, sleeping in a 100-year-old cabin on the bank of a rushing creek, and laughing with friends so much our stomachs ached and our eyes teared. I've always possessed a saltwater soul with a yearning for the sea and sand, but the Rockies did not disappoint and we will absolutely be returning.



June: Cody turned the big 3-0 on June 9th of this year. What a celebration it was! Nine months ago, 30 seemed so far away for Co; a time that we might not have reached. It was surreal, yet wonderful having the privilege of celebrating him on his day. We were surrounded by our family and friends who have become family while we basked the sun, floating our way down the Frio River. This is where Co proposed almost two years ago and it was so special to go back to the place where our future began.


Watching the sunset in the exact spot he proposed almost two years ago. 

As for everyday life, I 'm back to working a fairly normal schedule, taking extra call shifts to help make up for time missed while at appointments. Co spends his time resting, tinkering with things around the house, entertaining the fur children, keeping the yard in line and the vehicles washed, occasionally venturing out for a fishing trip or a hog hunt when he feels up to it. My mom sold her house in Fredericksburg and is now living in Temple, so we get to see her much more often! It's been a huge blessing to have both our families roughly an hour away. We have embraced this new life as best we can and are just grateful for the time we have together with our pups, family, and friends.


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