Life Update September '19 - May '20

Why, Hello There!
It's been a hot minute since we've given an update on Cody and our lives after surgery/sepsis/chemo/radiation, and I certainly apologize for that. However, in the medical field, no news is GOOD news! Co and I have been enjoying the last several months getting back into our natural groove and remembering what it's like to not be in the thick of cancer treatment. It's taken quite some time, and he's not back to full strength yet, but he's getting stronger each day and getting back to the activities and pastimes he enjoys the most.

The Medve family was extremely generous in hosting their annual Birthday Bash in Cody's honor this past fall. There was a fantastic turnout with so many great raffles and some delicious BBQ. It was incredibly humbling and heartwarming to see so many friends and family come together once again to support our favorite cancer fighter. Deer season came and went too quickly, as usual, and our holiday season was spent surrounded by friends and family. Co was more than happy to take pictures this year since his eyebrows made a full comeback! Thank you to everyone that sent cards, gifts, snacks (I'm looking at you Becky Jones; I am now addicted to Buckeyes!), and love to us for the holidays. This past Christmas was one for the books and such a joy compared to the previous year.

We found ourselves fishing in the late season and managed to hop on the last cruise out before COVID-19 hit. We had a BLAST!

The season of Coronavirus has proved to be tricky as I was assigned to help work the COVID unit (a.k.a Coronaville) in a neighboring town and it has NOT been easy keeping Co inside/home. Have you ever had to tell someone to stay home after they spent over a year inside, fighting cancer? I wish you the very best of luck and suggest copious amounts of wine. We find ourselves outdoors the majority of the time and he spends his days tinkering with various projects around the house. So far, we've managed to keep the immunocompromised Coco healthy and feisty as ever.

As for his work, CPC has worked with us through every step of this journey, and continue to do so. Cody and his team are working to find the best position for him to go back to that will best accommodate his post-treatment needs. Stay tuned!

Cody's parents acquired a little slice of Heaven on a gorgeous lakeside not far from where we live. If you're looking for us this summer, we'll be on the lake or fishing our hearts out at the coast. I'm trying to teach him how to fish, we'll see how he does this year! ;)

Next set of scans/lab work/follow with Mayo: May 8,2020. As always, thank you for the love and support you've shown to us and our family over the past 19 months. I've said it before and I'll say it again, we would not be where we are today without the amazing community of Cody's Fighters. From the bottom of our hearts, thank you. We will keep everyone posted as we continue to fight the good fight, Cody’s Fight.

Browne Wedding November 2019

Big smiles for Christmas 2019

Our annual late-season trip to the Coast, always a blast!

January 2020

Family Cruise to Cozumel February 2020

My first-time thermal hunting!

Mother's Day was so sweet this year, look how happy Candace is with all of her boys!

Chase & Cody May 2020

Of course, they had to remind Uncle Tommy that they grew up and are slightly bigger than him!

The smiles that make his eyes crinkle melt my heart every time. 

Lots of sunshine and smiles this summer!

First trip back to Mayo since radiation, it's a long haul but always well worth it!


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