Sepsis Edition, Continued

 Hey, everyone!

It’s be a crazy couple of weeks since our last update. Co finished up his two weeks of IV antibiotics here at home and had his PICC line removed on Friday. He’s had some breakthrough fevers even on the IV antibiotics, but his labs are trending in the right direction. We spoke with Mayo and they want to try one more course of antibiotics, pills this time (yay!) before having Co head up there for further evaluations. We are hopeful that this last round of meds with nip this infection in the bud!
Thank you for all of the prayers, texts, calls, food deliveries, hugs, and we’ll wishes. It has not been an easy month juggling everything, but as he slowly gets better, we are starting to see the light at the end of this tunnel.
Big hugs and all our love,
Cody, Madee, and AK


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