Cholangitis Flare - Sepsis Edition

 Hey there, Cody’s Fighters!

It’s been a hot minute since we’ve had something update-worthy to relay in regard to Cody’s health, for which we are grateful! However, this past month has proven to be a challenge for Co as he’s had two hospital stays over the past three weeks.
A few weeks ago, Co started feeling crummy and spiked a 104+ fever one night after work. We went to the ED and after a quick ICU stay for low blood pressure and sepsis, he was downgraded to IMCU for IV antibiotics and monitoring. It was determined that he had an infection in his blood that spilled over from an infection within the bile ducts. After a four-day stay, he was discharged home with a PICC line and IV antibiotics.
He was doing well and feeling better until this past Tuesday when he spiked a 102+ fever. Back to the ED we went for further labs/cultures, imaging, and monitoring. His cultures came back negative, so the antibiotics did their job. However, his liver remains rather unhappy and he still feels pretty junky.
We’ve been in close contact with his team at Mayo and they’ve decided it’s time for us to make the trek back north for further evaluation to determine the cause of the bile backup in the liver that’s likely causing the infections. We don’t have a confirmed schedule for our trip, but we expect to hear from the team tomorrow to iron out details and start getting things booked.
He was discharged Friday with continued IV antibiotics at home and monitoring until we get to Mayo. We’ve been enjoying sleeping in our own bed and soaking up the Addie Kate snuggles we greatly missed. Golly, does she love her Dada and lit up when she saw him!!
Massive thank you to our moms. They both dropped everything and were at the house taking care of Addie and holding down the fort so Co and I could be together. A big thank you to everyone who came to check on us, called/texted, or sent food during our stays, it made a hard time a bit less so. Another big thank you to my kind nurse friends at BSW who looked out for us and took great care of him (y’all know who y’all are)!
If you’ve called or texted and we haven’t gotten back to you yet, thank you for your patience as we get back to you! These times are difficult to navigate on their own, but adding an infant to the mix has added some extra spice that we are balancing as gracefully as we can. Just know we appreciate all of the love and well wishes, even if we haven’t had a chance to respond just yet! As always, thank you for your endless love and support. I’ll keep everyone updated as this week unfolds.

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