Let's Start at the Beginning

     I've created this space to help keep everyone updated in an efficient manner, and give my mind a break from the jumble of thoughts that are constantly swirling around. I hope this will be a sufficient outlet for many questions people may have, and I want to thank you for joining us on this journey. They always say a great support system can make or break a situation, and I have to say, our support is rock solid.

Some background info:
     Cody and I have been together for almost four years. Our journey is unique and perfectly imperfect. If you care to learn about how our story began, you can find the details on our wedding website: https://codyandmadee.squarespace.com/


     Cody has been a process operator for Chevron Phillips Chemical since 2014. He also started his own company, Rocking C Construction, 8 months ago. I began my nursing career January of this year as an operating room RN.

     We wed on September 1, 2018. It was perfect. We could not have dreamt of a better day.

Shortly after, we left for our honeymoon. We spent the better half of a week sunburnt, deep-sea fishing while indulging in rum punch and starting dance parties. The Piton's of St. Lucia will always hold a very special place in our hearts.

I truly wish the need for this blog didn't exist. Alas, here we are. We have faith that the Lord will see us through this. We won't give up. 

Welcome, to Cody's Fight.


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