To Rule it Out


     We arrived home from St. Lucia in the early hours of Sunday morning. After sixteen hours of travel, we were exhausted and quickly fell into bed until the following afternoon. Upon waking, something seemed off with Cody. He was lethargic and his color was different. This could easily be chalked up to dehydration and lack of sleep, but neither of those could explain the yellow tint in his eyes.
     After a visit to the local urgent care promptly followed by a nine-hour stay at the ER, we were given a rather unexpected answer. There appeared to be a clot in a major blood vessel of his liver. I remember the ER doc bluntly stating that Cody needed to be admitted to the floor and further diagnostics to rule out cancer. To rule out cancer. We thought it was a joke or maybe an overzealous resident jumping the gun on a hefty diagnosis, but we agreed.

     We spent that night and most of the next day impatiently waiting our turn for the fancy scan. This MRI would take a look specifically at the liver and the adjacent counterparts to determine what was going on. We waited for what felt like an eternity. The internist in charge of Cody's case explained that he suspected a few things, a virus picked up on our tropical honeymoon being at the top of the list, but he did not believe it would be cancer. He explained that there's a chance, but it would be highly unlikely.
     However, we still needed to rule it out. So, we waited.


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