Life Update May '20 - September '20

 We've had a fantastic summer despite living within a global pandemic. Co and I have spent a lot of time on the water enjoying fishing at the coast and family time at the lake. Thanks to my wine gig, we were able to take a much needed tropical vacation in celebration of our anniversary, and Co's one-year recovery from treatment. It was absolutely incredible and as it turns out, somebody is quite handsome in Hawaiian shirts!

Co has had a few episodes of cholangitis (inflammation within his liver) due to some mild bacterial infections on and off since May. His team at Mayo has been closely monitoring his labs and scans to make sure things stay under control. As of right now, there are no signs of his cancer reoccurring, something we are grateful for every single day.

Cody hunts as much as he can and continues with small projects around the house as his strength allows. We've come to absolutely cherish our quiet nights at home with our puppy dogs; it has been a lovely few months of just enjoying life with family and close friends.  

Big happy out on the water!

No family weekend is complete without sweet Margo!

Cody always telling stories to Melissa.

Fourth of July Parade on the coast!

I tricked him into ziplining with me; he didn't even hate it!

Tropical Vacay!



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