Two Years.

 September 11, 2018. 

Two years ago, today, our lives changed forever. There are so many things I could say within this post, but I’ll keep it short & sweet since Co doesn’t like it when I make a big deal out of things. 

But, today is a big deal. With a survival rate of roughly 20-30% at 2 years, today is an extremely big deal. 

Congratulations on blowing those statistics out of the water, Co. I have never met someone as strong and determined as you to push through each and every day. Despite everything you’ve been through, you still show up and love our little family with everything you have. 

Nine months of chemo, seven weeks of radiation, six different tubes out of your side, two transplant evaluations, one massive resection surgery, and post-op abscess turned sepsis, chest tubes, biliary tubes, stents, mediport placement, lab draws, IV’s, scans, waiting rooms, Houston traffic, Minnesota relocations, and all the things in between, you have overcome it all.  

I am so incredibly proud to be your wife, and I am in awe of your strength and perseverance. Cheers to still standing, still fighting, still giving it your all, and defying every odd two years later, my love. I love you more than all the stars.


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